Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium at MAB is a full-day workshop on Thursday, 15 November 2012. It will be held in Remisen at Godsbanen. See the Programme page for directions.

The colloquium session is primarily intended to highlight and confer around the work of research students, fellows and doctoral candidates working at the intersections of public space, digital media, social and cultural analysis and theory, techno-artistic practices and critique. We welcome both theoretical, analytical and practice-based research.

Researchers undertaking scholarly work at the PhD level are invited to take part in the Doctoral Consortium via the presentation of papers, work-in-progress and multimedia presentations (approximately 30 minutes in length).

This symposium will be free and open to attendees of the Media Architecture Biennale. Relevant topics include:

  • Urban and public spatial media
  • Information technologies "in the wild" and "out of doors"
  • Architecture, urbanity and media/IT infrastructure (including mobile media) and its effects
  • Case studies and both distant and recent urban history
  • Urban media archeology
  • Urban cultural experiences and urban art forms
  • Urban soundscapes and urban-media sound cultures
  • Urban literature as media architecture
  • Urban games as media architecture
  • Subversions of urban media and communications norms (graffiti, etc.)

5 stipends of EUR 500 each are available for contributors to the doctoral consortium. These will be distributed according to financial need and quality of proposals. Please indicated that you wish to be considered for a stipend when you apply.

To apply to present your paper or presentation, please send an abstract (max 500 words) to the Graduate Colloquium Chairs, Jamie Allen (j [dot] allen [at] ciid [dot] dk) and Søren Pold (pold [at] cs [dot] au [dot] dk), with "MAB-DC" in the subject before 1 October 2012.